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Investment opportunities in private companies

  • Are you looking for medium- to long-term investment opportunities with potential for capital appreciation and/or a constant, sustainable level of dividends to counterbalance low interest and erratic stock market investments?

  • Do you want to diversify your investment portfolio in real values and are you looking for appropriate companies in which to make a direct investment?

  • Do you want to complement a portfolio of direct investments and systematically strengthen your existing corporate investment portfolio?

We develop investment opportunities for investors in the attractive segment of direct investments in companies. We focus on growth companies and established niche players in the segment with sales of up to about CHF 100 million in Switzerland and Germany.

Through direct investments in companies investors can exert a greater influence on the performance of their investments. paprico develops in each case lucrative investment opportunities for a small circle of investors. We put our many years of experience in evaluating and structuring direct investment transactions as well as in working together with several investors at your disposal. Always with the objective of creating value. Direct investments have many advantages: transparency, decision-making authority of the investor, no convoluted fees, flexibility with regard to the individual structure and influence on the company's performance.

Please tell us about your investment preferences.
We will create investment opportunities and implement these with you.


Our services 

  • Development of attractive investment opportunities
  • Investment opportunities as lead investor or co-investor
  • Search and evaluation of target companies
  • Analysis of companies and market potential
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Bringing together of syndicates/club deals
  • Implementation of investments including negotiations, structuring, contracts, support, reporting etc.
  • Active value- and exit-management

Investment focus 

  • Corporate investments in the German-speaking region, with a focus on Switzerland
  • Growth and small and medium-sized enterprises with sales of up to about CHF 100 million
  • Majority or minority investments from buy-out situations, business succession planning, growth financing, buy & build strategies, MBOs, start-ups or restructurings
  • Selection criteria are a capable management team, a proven and sustainable business model, scalability of the business model, growth potential and/or stable cash flows
  • Broad sector coverage (such as, for example, health, technology, energy, industry, services and cleantech)
  • The biotech and pharmaceutical industries are excluded