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Investment in private companies

We develop investment opportunities for investors in the attractive segment of direct investments in companies. We focus on growth companies and established niche players in the segment with sales of up to about CHF 100 million in Switzerland and Germany.   


Private equity advisory

We provide support to investors in building up, structuring and developing new or existing corporate investment and private equity portfolios. We regard active management and a systematic exit plan as key success factors.


Succession and Capital for companies

We provide entrepreneurs and companies with tailor-made solutions for business successions and financing growth strategies using equity or equity-related financing.


About paprico 

paprico – partners for private capital & companies – a specialist for business successions and direct investments in companies in the private equity and venture capital markets in Switzerland and the German-speaking region.

We excel at providing a clearly defined range of services to entrepreneurs, family offices and to private and institutional investors.

Team paprico 

Professionalism, confidence, personality.
We impose very high requirements on the companies we propose as investment targets, and we strive for excellence in the quality of our services. So it stands to reason that we impose very strict norms on ourselves. Professionalism  is our foundation. We also place great emphasis on a spirit of trust and personal involvement in our contacts with clients. "Investment with a human face" pervades all our activities.