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Portfolio company: Sensimed AG closes financing round

Sensimed AG completes series C financing of CHF 25M with Vertex Venture Singapore

Sensimed AG, a portfolio company of New Value AG, announced today the finalization of its Series C financing round for a total of CHF 25 million. An initial closing of CHF 17M of this round led by current investors Wellington Partners, Agate Medical Investments and Vinci Capital/Renaissance PME was done last October, and the remaining CHF 8M has been subscribed by Vertex Venture Management, a top tier investor based in Singapore.

FROM DEVICE TO KNOWLEDGE -- Sensimed AG, a Swiss company, has developed a non-invasive soft contact lens-based solution, the SENSIMED Triggerfish® that revolutionizes glaucoma management by providing continuous 24-hour intraocular pressure-related profiles as well as modeling and analysis of patterns. The 24-hour profiles, centralized on a registry together with patient and treatment information, are processed by powerful modeling and learning algorithms identifying pathological patterns that can be used to differentiate indication, to personalize treatment, and to predict risk of progression or of conversion to glaucoma in at risk populations. Sensimed is directly positioned at the convergence between devices, treatment and information. The company believes that this global knowledge-building approach will enable ophthalmologists to better improve early diagnosis and management of patients with potentially progressive glaucomatous disease.

“We’re happy to support Sensimed in bringing to market a technology that will shift the paradigm in glaucoma disease management. Our firm’s focus has been to invest in and build global leaders in specific sectors. We see Sensimed as being one of them.” Chua Kee Lock, Group CEO, Vertex Venture.

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