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Team paprico

rofessionalism, confidence, personality. We impose very high requirements on the companies we propose as investment targets, and we strive for excellence in the quality of our services. So it stands to reason that we impose very strict norms on ourselves. Professionalism  is our foundation. We also place great emphasis on a spirit of trust and personal involvement in our contacts with clients. "Investment with a human face" pervades all our activities.

Peter Letter,
Managing Partner 

Marco Fantelli, Managing Partner

MBA University of St. Gallen, CFA

Peter Letter has held various positions in the field of corporate financing, private equity and investment management.

BBA, Advanced Management Programm SKU

Marco Fantelli has worked as a private equity investment manager and has been active as an investor since 2010. 



Partners and Networks 

Partnership, perfection and network thinking are part of our core values.

paprico ag collaborates with financing partners, investors, specialists in the fields of law and taxes, first-rate partners from a variety of industries, industry associations, technology firms and government institutions.